Thursday, January 14

For The Gentleman In Your Life...

Finding the perfect gift for the man in your life can be a real challenge. Why? Because if he's like my man, his dream gifts include the following: an 80" flat screen television, a Cessna single-engine plane, or an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish (complete with front-firing rockets, spike producing tires, and the ever useful passenger ejector seat.)

Unfortunately, reasonable as they may seem, my current budget does not allow for the purchase of such items.

Although he does not believe me, I assure my husband that when getting a gift for a woman you can never go wrong with flowers or jewelry. Yes, they are a very over-done cliche - but there is a reason why: we love them! Am I right, ladies?

Now, he will most definately get bonus points for finding a thoughtful gift that relates to our own specific interests. Say, for example: a full set of Prismacolor colored pencils, exotic heirloom bare root rose bushes, or a really fun pair of handmade knitting needles:

(LUV EWE knitting needles from Chelle, on Etsy.)

So what is the guy's gift alternative to flowers, jewelry, and knitting needles? - A tie? (boring) An electronic gadget? (he has them already - yes, ALL of them.)

The problem stumps me every gift giving occassion that comes along. I want something thoughtful, personal, and unique. So in harmony with my love for all things personalized, and to aid others in the never-ending quest of gifts for men...introducing...

Well Traveled Atlas Cufflinks

I tried to come up with some interesting masculine-themed map locations, like "Alien Encounter Cufflinks" (Roswell and Area 51); "Wild West Cufflinks" (Tombstone and Deadwood), and of course "Route 66".

But best of all, there is an option for customized atlas cufflinks. Pick any location - your honeymoon, favorite vacation spot, the place you met, etc - and I'll find it in my collection of vintage atlases.

Check out my "Just for Gents" collection on Etsy, here. Special offer just for my readers: 10% off you order - just use the code "GUYGIFT" somewhere in "Notes to Seller" or in the PayPal checkout note, and I'll send you a 10% refund for your entire purchase. Good through Feb 15th, 2010.

Now the previous mention of James Bond has got me thinking of a new design. Hmm...maybe I can give hubby that Aston Martin after all...I'll let you know!

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