Thursday, February 25

Getting Started With Resin Jewelry

I love creating and crafting in resin and am excited when others want to give it a try.

It can seem complicated and a little intimidating, but once you learn the basics and just do it, you will discover that it isn't as difficult as you imagined - and then start having lots of fun!

To help get you started and take the plunge into making resin jewelry, I am pleased to announce that the 32 page booklet - Getting Started With Resin Jewelry - is now available!

This booklet has been designed with the beginner in mind, with thorough explanations of the following:

Materials List including both necessary and optional materials, supplies and equipment.

Description of materials, with explanations of why and how to use them properly.
Instructions and photos covering:
  • Preparing and mixing your resin
  • Pouring into molds
  • Removing Air Bubbles
  • Adding color
  • Adding Inclusions
  • Embedding Objects and Paper
  • Finishing, sanding, and re-coating
  • Creating a finished product

Much of the basic information is similar to the tutorials available for free on my blog. (Look on the right hand column for links.) The information and instruction has been refined, some details added, and many more photos included.
A favorite feature is the addition of 2 step-by-step complete project tutorials, which will walk you through the process, as a complete beginner, and give you the final result of a finished, usable item.
The projects include instruction for 2 of the most popular resin applications:
Embedding paper images into resin; and embedding candies and inclusions, and using glitter.

This 32 page booklet is only $5.00. Your purchase includes email support in answering any questions you may have along the way.

After purchase, you will receive an automatic download of your booklet in a pdf file. If you have any problems receiving the file please contact me at

Wishing you continued success, and lots of fun...


Happy Cake Toppers said...


I bought this recently as I am pondering trying out resin as a jewellery making medium...

I haven't tried it out yet as I am awaiting the delivery of my resin, but sure seems very informative and has as much information as I think I will need to start off...

Can't wait for the resin to arrive so I can get started.

Thanks a million


vane said...

just bought it, thanks for making this blog, i always try and support people who help develop our creativity! can't wait to start!

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm really interested in trying to make things out of resin. Is it expensive though?

skinner studio said...

Expensive is kind of a relative term, but I would say that resin is probably one of the cheaper jewelry items to make. You can start with EasyCast, which is the cheapest - maybe $9 for the smallest bottle - and you need the molds which are around $4-5/each. The other items - cups and stir sticks don't cost much at all. Hope that helps!

Lisa Charron said...

Hi Jenny,
Just wanted to say thank you for the instruction book. I'm on my second batch of molds and am having a lot of fun!

Unknown said...

Im really glad i found your helpful blog, i have just brought the download and cant wait to try it all out.
thanks so much :) Lucie x

skinner studio said...

Thank you Lucie! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Just purchased your guide as I'm looking for different ways to make jewellery. Can't wait to get into it.

Katie said...

Hi! After reading all the great tutorials on your blog, I decided to purchase the booklet. I am learning all about resin jewelry and your booklet is just what I needed!

Thanks so much for making this information available and easy to understand. : )

Stephanie said...

Does the booklet show how to make a hole in the pendent, or connect something to the pendent in order to be able to put a jump ring or wire wrap to string it onto jewelry?

Anonymous said...

Im new at this I was wondering for the molds, can I use the pastry ones, for like chocolate and stuff? Ty