Friday, March 19

Resin Artist Feature: Posy Studio

This weeks' artist interview is with Patricia Savoie, the amazing jewelry designer behind Posy Studio.

Her unique resin jewelry designs feature a combination of both printed images and 3-D objects embedded into resin and set within a cast sterling silver pendant.

Gardener in a Yellow Dress Ring

Although most of her work is of the same style, she creates quite a range of jewelry: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and cufflnks.

Girl With Cat Pendant

And with such a variety of fun characters, you're sure to find just the perfect piece for that special someone.

Golfer Cufflinks

Q: Tell us a little about yourself…

A: I live in Bar Harbor, Maine, right beside Acadia National Park. That is a big part of the reason I live here. That and the wonderful community. I have a partner of 12 years, a son who is 10, a daughter who is 6, a dog, a cat, a goat and nine chickens. I work for a local jeweler, Lisa Hall, who makes the most gorgeous seaglass jewelry, amongst other lovely adornments.

Q: How long have you been making your shadow box pendants? Was there something special about the way you came up with the idea? What inspired you?

A: I've been making my shadowbox pendants since November 2008. We were talking about dream jobs at work one day, and I mentioned that I had always thought it would be fun to build dioramas like the ones you see in some museums. We started joking that I could put little people in jewelry. Soon after, I had to saw the backs out of some bezels I had made for Lisa's jewelry, and I loved the way they looked. That look became my shadowboxes, a perfect home for teeny tiny people.

Q: You use both resin and metal working in your designs – how did you become interested in these mediums? Have you taken classes or are you self-taught?

A: Everything I know about metalwork I have learned from Lisa. She is very talented and extremely generous, not to mention very patient. Before working for Lisa, I owned a restaurant, and we used resin to coat our tabletops. Resin was the natural choice for securing my little people in their shadowboxes. I haven't taken classes in either medium, though I would like to.

Q: How long does it take to create one of your pieces? Do you make one at a time, or several?

A: I usually use sterling silver boxes that I have had cast for my jewelry now. I like that the seams of the boxes won't become apparent with oxidization over time this way, and the castings have a weight that hand wrought boxes do not. Generally I solder the appropriate findings to the boxes in batches of six to a dozen. Finding the perfect background can take a little while; I use a lot of magazine photos. Once all the boxes are lined and ready for their inhabitants, I resin them all at once. I'm not sure how long each one takes, but there is definitely a lot of thought and care in each piece.

Q: Are there other art or craft forms with which you create?

A: I learned to knit in high school. I love to sew, and I'm learning to embroider now.

Q: How long have you had your Etsy shop and what made you decide to open it?

A: I joined Etsy in November 2008, but didn't actually get much into the shop until early 2009. I decided to open it because it is such a fabulous site for quality hand crafted items. I love being in contact with the person who has made the item I am purchasing; it makes it feel like a gift, even though I'm paying for it. Likewise when I am the seller; I love getting notes from my customers, love to wrap each piece and include a card with it. The connection makes the transaction, and the item itself, so much more meaningful.

Q: Is there any advice you would give artists and jewelry designers who are just starting out?

A: It can be very intimidating and overwhelming for a jeweler; there are so many of us out there! Make things that make you happy, that you would wear, that you love. Your excitement will translate into each piece.

Q: Is there another artistic medium that you admire, or would like to try?

A: Oh, so many! I'd love to take some metalsmithing classes and learn some new techniques. I'm very interested in printing, on paper and fabric. Someday I'd like to try my hand at ceramics. And I'd like to learn how to sew (and design) clothing.

Q: Do you have any goals or new ideas you would like to share – as relates to your art, or your business?

A: I am in the process of opening a studio shop in downtown Bar Harbor with my friend Michelle. We'll feature our own work, but also a large number of other handmade items, many that we found on Etsy. I'm looking forward to doing some new things with my shadowboxes, but also to trying my hand at some new goods.

Patricia - thank you for letting us get to know you a little better, for sharing some of the stories behind your work, and for the great advice to make what you love!

Visit Posy Studio on Etsy to see more of Patricia's fun creations.

Here's a few more of my favorites...

Hiker Ring

Shopping Day Earrings

Swinging Couple Cuff Bracelet


The Jewelry Box said...

Wow, what great designs and so unique! I'm hearting her shop for sure. A wonderful artist feature! Thanks! :)

One Creative Queen said...

Awesome! I can't wait to go see more of her designs - you both are inspiring! Thanks for interviewing such an interesting artist. xx