Tuesday, October 5

Business Cards to Bookmarks

 I had thought about this as a possible marketing idea a while ago, but of course never actually did anything about it. The last few days, however, I've been little by little going through the disorganized shelves and piles of do-dads, who-zits, and what-zits to try to bring some order to the regular chaos that is my work area.

I have these terribly ugly glass beads in an enormous quantity, together with this pack of embroidery thread that I would only ever use for something other than embroidery...

So I took a few minutes to finally see how these business card bookmarks might come together.

I'm hoping people would be less inclined to simply toss them if they are also somewhat functional.

Easy to make, so I'd thought to keep all the supplies in a box and ready to go so I can mindlessly make a bunch while I also mindlessly watch TV.

And if I can start putting to use these otherwise useless odds and ends, I will be very happy!


Lora said...

very good idea!!

Kim said...

such a great idea!!!