Wednesday, April 13

Welcome Home Wreath

I've seen so many lovely wreaths in the blogosphere lately, and I really, really wanted one. If you look closely at the ugliness of our front door (which I cropped out as much as possible) you'll see how much we really needed a cover-up!

Here's my $4 dollar-store wreath. If you had any of this stuff on hand, you could make it even cheaper. The dollar store has these skinny, skimpy wreaths, so I bought two - one smaller and one larger and nested them together to beef it up a bit. I also bought a roll of moss-tape which I wound around the larger wreath. (I think it would have looked just as nice without though, so I could have totally saved a dollar and bought, say, another plastic organizing bin. Seriously, I need to stop buying those!)

The red flowers were also $1, attached and snuggled closely together for extra fullness. They also had a nice ivory shade of the same flower, and I think a mono-chromatic scheme would have looked really classy, but we needed the color pop.

I made the three paper flowers from my pages of my collection of old, destroyed books that I'm slowly tearing apart for various uses. I used the same book and a piece of scrapbook paper to create the mini bunting banner and paper bow. The bunting and bow are coated in mod-podge for added protection against the elements. I left the paper flowers untouched as a little weathering could only enhance the look (I hope.)

All components were assembled with hot-glue for super-duper easiness (though I burnt my finger at the VERY end, completely needlessly I might add!)

So anyway, if you've got a hankering to craft your own wreath, hope this adds to the inspiration pool...

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The Trendy Treehouse


sugar Creek said...

Love it! love the red, it does add such a punch of color!

skinner studio said...

Thanks sugar!

Anonymous said...

so gorgeous
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