Friday, May 13

Brown Paper Packages...

Don't you just love checking the mail and finding a package addressed to you?

I sure do!

Especially when they are so nicely wrapped...even when you know what's inside, it can be so exciting! 

Which is why I was delighted to receive this delivery yesterday from Giant Dwarf. Sue sent an extra free gift, and don't you just love her business card:

I'm so happy to get my hands on this lovely rainbow of fabulous felt:

I've developed a recent obsession with fabric flowers, and have been perusing tutorials from all over the blogosphere. While there are some really lovely creations, I have a special affinity for felt.
love it!

It's easy to see why. Just check out these bright and cheerful creations from some very talented artists:

Don't they make you smile?


Becky said...

I love that cloud mobile, thats adorable, I think that would make me smile even on a really rainy day :)

Webmaster said...

You are very skillful!

Hingmade said...

Very fun mobile. Mobiles moving and turning with a light breezing is so calming. Check out my cute mobiles here:

The Rainbow Room said...

Thanks so much for featuring my Rainbow raindrops cloud mobile! : )