Wednesday, June 8

Pirates - Ahoy!

With our new baby due this summer, we took our "summer vacation" a little early this year. Which really worked out great - the San Diego weather was perfect, and with school still in the crowds were less than usual.

Here are a few of our highlights...

Love this place - it is perfectly sized for smaller children and makes for a very fun and relaxing day...

We also visited the Maritime Museum and sailed the harbor on a mock pirate ship...

...complete with entertainment any lilly-livered land-lubber would enjoy.

Our little pirate loved it!
Now he can't decide whether he wants to be a pirate or a knight when he grows up.
 I've yet to break it to him that neither occupation is quite the same today.
And then, there was a lot of pool time.
Here's how I participated.
(Supervising, of course)
With a book in hand and a box of Trader Joe's
Roasted Pistachio Dark Chocolate Covered Toffee Candies within easy snacking range.
(wow, those are good!)
Hope you all get to take some vacation time this summer!
If you have a moment, I'd love to hear about your plans...we usually stay somewhere within California, so it would be interesting to hear where others from around the country or around the world spend their holidays...

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