Thursday, October 20

Look What You've Made!

I absolutely love it when my Resin Tutorial readers take some time to tell me about their journey into the world of resin and to share what they've made.

So there will be a new blog feature showcasing your own amazing designs!

To start things off, check out these stunning flower resin pendants, created by Chris, who sent me this lovely photo:

Chris said this was only her second attempt, and they turned out beautifully! Working with delicate flowers like these presents a lot of challenges including preserving their vibrant colors once embedded into the resin and also keeping those fine, soft petals from folding, breaking, and shifting. Chris did an amazing job - so very pretty!! ♥

So for all the rest of you out in blog-land, I would love to see some of the fun things you've made! You can email photos directly to me at

Ooh, I can't wait to see more wonderful resin!

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Jamie Kate said...

You're so creative! :)
I love all your projects :)

Jamie Kate