Monday, October 31

Made It! Monday... Felt Bird Mobile

Well I've definitely jumped onto the Pinterest many creative, beautiful, and funny things to see there.

But I am determined to spend at least as much time actually trying out some of those amazing finds as I do simply perusing the boards....

Towards that end, I'm challenging myself to make/do/try at least one new thing each week and share it here on Mondays (that way I'll be obligated to not flake-out, right?)

So - this week's project was to finish up my felt bird mobile for baby's woodland nursery.

Here was my inspirational pin:

Their little birdies are made from plastic, but I have a huge crush on all things felt and so made these little tweets using wool felt, poly stuffing, and embroidery thread.

You can see I have an obvious lack of sewing skills, so if I can do it - you can do it! Imagine how cute these would be with some pretty stitching...

To construct the mobile I picked up some embroidery hoops (cheap! by the way) and unscrewed them to use the smooth inside loops only.

There are likely a hundred different ways to attach these, but I used what I had on hand - some 1/4" satin ivory ribbon - attached each bird at a different height for interest, and hung the finished mobiles from mug hooks screwed into the ceiling.

I had 8 birds, which turned into 2 mobiles - one for over the crib, and one over the changing table:

The trees in the inspirational nursery were vinyl decals - pretty, but kind of expensive. I used some white paint we had in the garage, which I actually liked much better since I could make the trees a little bigger and place them just where I wanted.

The birdhouses were only $4 in the wood crafts section of Michaels, paired with the perfect colors of acrylic paint...easy peasy!

It's only taken 2 months since Rowan arrived, but I'm glad I finally have it done!

I already have the materials for my next crafty challenge - it involves more felt and a zebra-striped bandana...

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