Wednesday, July 16

For Alana and Mollye...

Ok, ok - I am posting, just for you!!

I have actually been quite busy. With jewelry, I have several new designs that I really like. I just haven't done the finish work yet, but I will soon and will post again with some pics. I think you'll like them.

Well, guess what - we are leaving for Yosemite tomorrow, and camping for 5 days. I am so excited because I absolutely LOVE being in the mountains. At the same time, I'm scared about taking the kids, especially a 10 month old. I can't let him just crawl around in the dirt, so I imagine we'll just be carrying him around the whole time. It sounds very daunting to me, but other families do it all the time, so surely we can too... I am planning on having a great time.

Upon our return, I will post will some fabulous pictures of our adventures!

But now, I have to pack - and of course there's the ever-looming ton 'o laundry...

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Andrea and Mollye said...

Thanks for posting Jenny. You mustn't forget your fans. I can't wait to see what you've been working on. You'll have to tell me all about your camping trip, we've been thinking about taking one too.