Friday, August 15

Day 3 and 4

Well I didn't post yesterday, but am happy to report I am still on track for my 7 day challenge.

Yesterday, I finished 7 pieces. Actually, all I had to do was sand and polish them, and add the chain of course.

Today, I worked on one of my custom orders. So, since I had to get the resin out anyway, I started 8 new nursing necklaces. They will take about 2 days to fully cure, but after that all I need to do is sand, polish and add some fun beads for baby.

Then, because I still had a little resin left over, I experimented by making some cute little rings and necklaces. The resin is still curing, but I think I will be able to take some pictures tomorrow.

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The Pretty Peacock said...

I'm so happy my post was helpful to you - thanks for taking the time to tell me. Second - wow! Look at you and all these beautiful pieces! I had to go heart your shop!!! Good luck with your wholesale opp!!