Monday, August 25

Shop Success!

So I really fell off the wagon as far as posting. But I did finish my challenge, sort of...

I did succeed in finishing the 42 new items I needed for my goal. Here are the ones that topped off the last 2 days of my challenge.

But I just couldn't seem to get 100 items listed in my shop at one time, because...I keep selling them! Yeah! I am so excited - well, ecstatic really. It is so nice to feel that someone else likes something you have created. This month has been the first that I have really made a focused effort to make a schedule for working (yes, like a real job). Just about 10 hours a week, but it really has made a difference. I think the thing that has helped the most is listing new items regularly. I try to add something everyday or at least every couple of days and it really seems to have increased my shop exposure.
The hardest part is staying balanced. I can easily get wrapped up looking at Etsy for "just a minute" or just trying to finish "one quick thing" and then Garion and Aiden get really stir-crazy and start destroying things or just driving me crazy. I have to stick to my schedule and make sure they always come first...
For September, I am going to try and really spruce up my shop image with a professionally designed banner and business cards. Then, coordinating that with really pretty packaging for my customers.
As far as jewelry design, I want to focus on a few of my favorite styles to find the pieces that are more unique to my shop, then work with using better materials - more sterling silver and gemstones. It's going to be a lot of fun, I can't wait to get busy!

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