Tuesday, August 12

Day One - 6 Down, 36 to go...

Well, I did it. Just barely, but so far I'm keeping with my goal of making 6 pieces per day in my 7-day challenge. Of course, I should have anticipated that as soon as I make a plan and determine to follow it, life will immediately throw me something to undermine my efforts. And so, this morning at 5:30 am, Aiden woke up with a cold. So moms, you know what that means - yes, I've pretty much had to hold him all day. Which did not allot much time for my previous plans.

Somehow, with the few precious moments I stole for myself, I managed to finish these few little bitty necklaces. I choose the easiest project I had laying around, and only needed to drill holes
and attach the ball chain.
Maybe they are not very impressive and complicated, but that is what I like the most. The sweet simplicity of the design really lets the tiny butterfly take center stage.

And I really like the clear resin and the way it almost disappears against your skin. It makes it seem as though the butterfly might actually just be fluttering past...

The other feature of I really enjoy is that I was able to highlight the unique properties of resin in that you can embed objects for a genuine 3-D effect. These little butterflies are cut from a flat paper image, but I folded the wings to provide some life and movement.
I played around with some different stringing ideas, including satin cord and black leather cord. But as with many of my other jewelry pieces, I keep coming back to the silver ball chain. It seems to be a favorite for the time being.
Tomorrow, I hope to take some decent pictures and maybe even get them added to my Etsy shop. Then...try to finish 6 new pieces. I hope Aiden is feeling better in the morning!

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