Wednesday, October 8

Botanicals In Frosted Resin

I am so pleased to introduce my new line of resin jewelry! These miniature cherry blossom branches were made from real twigs and polymer clay flowers.

These pieces take quite a bit of time to make, and in an effort to maintain the quality of this style I will only be offering them with Italian sterling silver chains. Yes, box chain - my favorite!

Encased in clear resin, you can fully enjoy the multi-dimensional elements. I love working with paper, but it is so...well, flat...

I will always prefer embedding 3-D objects, and am especially inspired by flowers or other natural elements. Life is so hectic now, sometimes we don't even get out of the house or office, let alone be able to slow down and actually enjoy the outdoors. So it's nice to be able to carry a bit of nature with you.

The back and sides are sanded with a fine grit paper to produce a soft frosted look. The result reminds me of ice - with tiny treasures frozen inside, of course!

New variations will be coming soon, including different blossom colors and fun beaded chains.

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Alana said...


I am now obsessed with your new necklaces! They are gorgeous and the silver chain is such a prettier look! Nice work!