Saturday, October 4

Resin Casting Supplies

I've received a couple inquiries about where to find various resin supplies, and I am happy to share. My local craft store, Michael's, has a very limited selection but it is where I buy my resin. I get a weekly coupon in the mail for 40% off any item, so that is a fabulous deal! Everything else I buy online. Of course, you can do a search for anything and pull up countless pages of stores. I've done a lot of comparison shopping and these are my favorites:

Deep Flex:
They have the best prices I have found for jewelry molds. Just a note: Do Not buy their mixing cups - not only are they wax, but the measuring lines are not accurate! (Resulted in a few bad batches before I figured out what was going on.)

Resin Obsession on Ebay:
Here you can find almost everything you will need including several items I have not seen anywhere else. She also has several video tutorials demonstrating the basics of working with resin.

Resin Obsession is also on Etsy!
The selection here is not as great as in her Ebay store, but you can find some other unique items.

Delphi Glass:
Their prices seem a bit higher, but they gave a lot of interesting items.

Dick Blick:

Remember when ordering resin online to take the shipping charges into consideration as part of the cost.

When I'm ready to buy, I always check all the above sites to see if anyone is having a sale or offering shipping discounts.


Katrina said...

Just thought I would mention that has the cheapest prices I've seen anywhere, though shipping starts quite high.

Jill Doherty said...

I found it in bulk cheapest at

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