Wednesday, October 1

My First Little Black Box - What's Inside?

A few days ago, I received my first Little Black Box in the mail. Basically, of number of artists of various handmade items submit their work (for free) and usually sample sizes, as a way of promoting their shop. So, when you purchase the Box, you get an array of little goodies, and get to see and try things you might not have otherwise heard about.

I purchased the September box for $23 and received 18 items. Some I would never use or wear, but others were really wonderful and I was pleased to discover them.

So, what's in the Box?

3 sets of earrings, 1 beaded zipper pull, 1 copper wire-wrapped charm, 1 beaded bookmark, 5 soap samples, 1 resin ring, 1 paper gift tag, 1 necklace with 5 mini note cards, 1 pocket mirror, a tube of vitamin C serum, 1 magnet, and 1 facial scrubbie. Most items also came with coupons of 10-25% off for your next purchase.

Here are my favorites:

Soap, soap, soap! These are great because for me, fancy soaps are sort of a luxury that I'd hesitate to buy for myself. Also, it's hard to know how something smells if you're trying to order online, so these are a perfect item for the Little Black Box. I was able to see the wonderful quality and delicious scents and will definitely be going back to some of these shops to purchase soap in the future.

Look at that - yes, a full-sized bar of soap from The Gourmet Bath Shop, now that's an awesome "sample"! The scent is 'Strawberry Musk' - sweet, but subtle, and just wonderful.

Next, 3 sample soaps from S.V. Soaps, KaressKrafters, and Soap Sushi. They all smell yum, yum, yummy! My favorite things about all these soaps is that they are made from quality ingredients like Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Soy. And the delightful scents are of Spa quality, not the fake perfumy stuff you find at the drugstore.

My favorite though is the Bathtub Candy from Bodyluxe. Something about this scent, 'Orange Pomander' - I just can't stop sniffing it!

Next is this unusual bookmark from Kitty Hawke. It's very pretty, and something I will be able to use. That is, of course, assuming I might someday have a chance to actually do some reading!
BeeDazzles really stands above the rest with her offering. Not only did she provide a lovely necklace with a nice satin cord, but she included 5 mini note cards with envelopes all in a cute little box.

Finally, this Vitamin C Serum from Mainly Naturals was an awesome sample to find in my Box. It is something I would probably not otherwise have ever tried.
I purchased this Little Black Box this time because I will be participating myself in December. So I wanted to get a feel for what sort of items were included and how they were packaged. It gave me some good ideas, but was also a lot of fun! I will probably be ordering more Black Boxes in the future. Who doesn't like surprises? And really, it was like receiving 18 surprise gifts all at once - pretty cool!

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