Saturday, January 10

New Year, New Hope, New Ideas

How interesting that the beginning of a new year comes during the season's coldest moments, and yet the excitement of change and a fresh start can bring to one's soul all the warmth and promise of Spring.

This year has already brought some good news for me. After spending nearly the whole of last year feeling constantly sick, weak, and losing an alarming amount of weight, I finally visited a naturopathic doctor who was able to discover quite a few medical issues, but more importantly, offer real solutions. Now, while starting an extensive regime of medications and supplements, I look ahead with real excitement. Truly, after a year of feeling lousy and run-down, I see on the horizon a whole new life: feeling good, having energy, being happy and vivacious and full of life.

This new found optimism has already recharged my spirit, it seems, and I'm ready to start anew in my aspirations as a mother, wife, and artist. With more energy, I can't wait to do more with my boys; to go more places, explore, do crafts and projects at home, and just have fun.

At home, I would love to finally get organized and scheduled. Laundry will always be the bane of my domestic life, but this year I am determined to get it under control and not a looming pile of doom. Then, for one of my favorite things: cooking. Yes, I love cooking, experimenting with new recipes, and finding something absolutely delicious to add to the dinner repertoire.

For my shop, and jewelry designing, I have a lot of big plans for the new year. I have been writing down ideas for new designs, and also want to experiment with completely new (new for me) techniques in resin. I've got my first batch of some new resin items curing right now, so stay tuned for some pics in the coming days.

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Alana said...

I am so glad that you found out whats wrong. I look forward to catching up with you.