Wednesday, January 14

Pizza, Pendants and Pictures...

"When the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie, that's amore...."

Last night I made pizza, and my husband was thoughtful enough to snag a few pictures. And yes, I believe making a funny face while hurling a lump of dough towards your kitchen ceiling is inevitable.

Yesterday, in a rare frenzy of organized industriousness, I made a ton of "well-traveled" atlas pendants. I love the beautiful colors found in my vintage atlas, and the pendants are becoming more and more popular in my Etsy shop.

I offer custom orders so buyers can choose whichever city they like, but how great it would be if what they wanted was already made and ready to ship...

Believe it or not, making them was the easy part. For me, the harder challenge is taking photos then listing the items. I had been taking my photos outside (indirect sunlight looks great), but with the change in weather, I just cannot compel myself to stand outside snapping pictures in the cold. So...

I am staying inside and forced to make do with my rather crude photo station. I don't think my photos come out too badly, but they could definitely be better. Soon, I plan to invest in a professional light box, or make my own (there are some great do-it-yourself instructions to be found online).

In the meantime I'll be working from my window sill, with my little helper:

Yes, I have my own staff. He helps by rearranging the necklaces, ripping my white paper backdrop from the wall, and running away with the tape measure.

I couldn't do it without him!

"Hey mom, how long is this going to take?"

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