Wednesday, July 8

Back in The Saddle...

So if you hadn't noticed, I sort of disappeared during the last two months. I was so terribly sick, not eating, not knowing what was wrong, and pretty much languishing in misery on the couch. After much agonizing I decided to temporarily shut down my Etsy shop until my health improved. And it has...finally.

Three weeks ago, I had become so ill that I had to go to the ER for severe malnutrition and ended up being admitted for 8 days. Lots of poking (ouch!) and tests (errgh!), but I was finally diagnosed with having Crohn's Disease. It's actually been a relief to find out what was wrong and now be able to take positive steps towards healing and long term good health.

I'm feeling stronger each day and am excited to be re-opening my Etsy shop in the next few weeks.

But I have big plans for improvement.

Since my shop is shut down at the moment, now is the time to do some serious re-vamping. I plan to improve the quality of my "Well Traveled" atlas pendants, upgrading all chains to Italian Sterling Silver.

I am redesigning my logo, business card, and packaging in efforts to create more of a "brand" for my shop, but also a sweet delight for the eyes of my customers when they receive their order. Every purchase will also include a small free pick-me-up surprise!

Right now, I'm just in the planning stage, with lots to design, purchase and assemble. I will post some pictures as they become available.

So I may not exactly be in the saddle yet, but I've got one foot in the stirrup...


Laura Cameron said...

All the best for your recovery, take care xo

Lisa said...

I don't remember when I started follow your blog but I have enjoyed it. I'm so glad you are feeling a bit better and are starting to get back on your feet. I hope you are going full speed ahead soon and can get your shop up and running again soon. I do love your things and enjoy checking them out.

Bettina Lynn said...

Glad to have you back! Best wishes for continued health!

jenjen said...

So sorry to hear that you have been so sick! I hope you continue to feel better each day. I have really enjoyed your resin tutorials.