Monday, July 13

Beach Days and Business Cards

It was a great day at the beach, can you tell?

Aiden took the sand-castle building very seriously. Though judging from this picture, I'm not sure a career of engineering is in his future.

Garion's classic picture pose.

In other news, while working on my shop face-lift, I'm also designing new business cards. Here are the two that are my favorite so-far:

I want it to convey pretti-ness and softness, so I'm using the cherry blossom graphics. I like pink, and think the black adds a crisp, modern edge.

My previous cards just had all my info on a pretty background, but I think it's important for people to know what you're offering, so I've added some photos.

I designed them myself in Microsoft Publisher, which uploads easily to Vista Print and other online printing companies. What I like most of all is that I can change photos at any time and switch things around as my needs change.
My previous cards were professionally designed, but now I can't change anything - I would have to pay all over again. So this is a great option.

I love MS Publisher and use it to create all my business forms, thank you cards, promos, etc. It's not as fancy as a lot of programs, but it does everything I need, has ready-made templates, and is easy to work with. Give it a try, and see what you come up with...

So what I really want to know is - do you prefer one of the above cards over the other? Please let me know - I can't decide!


Bettina Lynn said...

Beautiful cards, you did a great job designing!
I'd have a hard time selecting one or the other...but if I HAD to choose I think I like the second one.

Lisa said...

I love the cards, I prefer the bottom one with the photos all running across the bottom. You get more to look out and the design looks alot better. Looks like fun at the beach. I miss the warm western Cali. beaches, they are too cold here in the east !

Kirsty C said...

I prefer the second card as well. I find it more visually pleasing having the lines all running the same way (horizontally) and like how more photos can be displayed.

Glad to hear you are feeling better. I'm really looking forward to seeing your new plans for the shop.

Cheers, Kirsty

Laura Cameron said...

The second one for me!

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J.J. said...

second card :) New to your blog! Love the photos...that beach sand is so long as they don't eat it.