Saturday, February 5

Something different...

A few days ago I had the urge to do something different.

And it brought me back to my (before resin) passion of drawing.

I dusted off my set of colored pencils (seriously, it's probably been like 6 years) and settled in on the couch to finish off the series Kidnapped on Netflix while I put in a little pencil time.  

I'm not really happy with the ocean, but I think the rest turned out pretty well.  It's drawn from a photo taken a couple of years ago along the Seventeen Mile Drive just south of Monterey.

I had a great time drawing it - and now I am again totally hooked on colored pencil. Ah, love it!

I tried to decide what to draw next and started going through the massive amounts of photos stored on the computer.

Suffice to say, most of our pictures are of our kids, and not a lot of interesting "artsy" type photos. So I finally settled on this one, taken from our visit last year to the wildflowers:

I love seeing other's works-in-progress and thought I'd try the same thing here.

You've seen the inspiration photo, now here's yesterday's beginnings:

Flowers seemed like an easy subject, but I'm wondering if I'll be able to capture that really neat contrast of the crisp, sharp blooms against the blurred background. We'll see...

What about you? Is there something you love, that you haven't done in a while, but would like to take up again? Leave a little comment...maybe we can all inspire each other...


RJDesignHut said...

I just added your blog to my blog list on my blog.

I miss your other blog banner.

skinner studio said...

Thank you!

I was trying to make my banner look a little cleaner (I'm always changing stuff) but maybe I'll change it back...

Thanks for the feedback!