Monday, July 1

Resin and Felt

I've been having fun playing with some previously made resin cabochons and trying to make something new. Here's what I came up with...

Bright little accessories that add a little fun wherever you place them.
Clips for your hair, or with pin backs to jazz up a scarf or bag.
Cross body bag from Olive Tree Textiles on Etsy

These were made with different layers of colored felt, embroidered with contrast stitching, and then with the resin cabochon glued to the center.
Cured resin can be tough to glue to other materials. It's essentially a plastic, and like other plastic glue will just peel right off. I thought of adhering the cabochons with more resin, which would bond really well, but with the long cure time I was worried about securing the cabs in place while it dried, or having the viscous resin seep through the felt and create a big mess.
I tried something I had called Weld-bond, which is supposed to work on porous and non-porous surfaces, but even after I let it dry undisturbed for over 24 hours, I could pop the cabochons off with little effort.
So Super-Glue to the rescue! It bonds very quickly, so I just held the cabs tightly in place for a few seconds and they are stuck like, well... glue :)  I've given them a good tug (not like a crazy person, but with a reasonable amount of force) and I'm fairly confident they will stand up to regular use. I've attached one to my bag which sees a fair amount of action, so that'll be the true test.
I'm curious to hear from others...
To what other materials have you attached resin?
What worked well? What didn't?


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